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Welcome to IT Governance Docs !

We make IT Governance simple. Our team of professionals and implementation toolkits will make your IT Governance implementation a breeze! In addition, we help businesses become more efficient and productive by providing them with the templates they need to manage their IT Governance implementation activities.

As a result, businesses and organizations of all sizes use our products to streamline their document management processes, improve compliance with government regulations, and reduce risk. We are on a mission to make it easy for anyone to use these international standards and to help promote their benefits for innovation, trade, and sustainable development.

IT Governance Docs is your trusted partner for ensuring compliance and safeguarding your business operations.IT Governance -Docs Is Part of Techno-PM! Techno-PM is a leading provider of Project Management and ITSM solutions. It was founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia, by and has grown to serve more than 15,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Earlier businesses would spend their time and resources in creating Project management and ITIL templates from scratch. This would impact their productivity and ability to meet deadlines. To solve this business problem, we came up with some ready-to-use and customizable templates. Our templates were admired by almost every industry professional.

Initially, it was a blog about project management, but soon after that, we experienced much growth, and Techno-PM became a fully-fledged company with an office at Sydney. Now we are a fully registered business entity, and we have our team of ITIL experts and professional project managers working with us to create the best products on the market.

Techno-PM provides a wide range of templates in project management, ITIL and ISO space. We offer 500+ time-saving and ready-to-use templates. Our products come with free updates, instant access, and a dedicated support team. ITIL-Docs, ISO-Docs and IT Governance Docs are part of Techno-pm

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