Unlocking the Potential of Your Products and Services Template

by Sneha Naskar

Clause 8.6 in the ISO 9001 Standard deals with the release and distribution of products and services. This clause's purpose is to ensure only products and/or services that are in line with the needs of the customer will be released. This clause includes the following topics.

ISO 9001

  • When a product is ready to be released.
  • Review and approval process of products and services before release.
  • Notification of new products or services to customers is a process that takes place.

This clause is important if you are responsible for ensuring ISO 9001 compliance. The release of products and service in QMS 9001 helps ensure the quality of final product or services. This process involves the following steps.

  1. Planning and Control
  2. Documentation
  3. Verification
  4. Validation
  5. Configuration management
  6. Release Management

Each step is essential to ensuring the final product or services meets the quality standards. Businesses can ensure that their products and services are of high quality by following these steps.

ISO 9001

1. How to determine when a product or service is ready for release

To comply with Clause 8.6, the first step is to determine whether a product is ready for release. Acceptance criteria can help you determine this. Acceptance criteria are standards that must be met by a product or service in order for it to be accepted. The criteria should be based upon the needs of the client and agreed by both parties before production begins.

After the acceptance criteria are defined, you can use them to create a testing plan. The test plan will outline the steps that must be taken to test the product or service in order to meet the acceptance criteria. The product or service is ready to be released once the testing has been completed and it meets all of the acceptance criteria.

2. The process for reviewing and approving products and services prior to release and delivery

1. Before releasing and delivering any products or services, the department responsible must review and approve them.

2. The review process can vary according to the department. However, it usually includes an evaluation of the requirements for the product or services, the design, the testing and the quality assurance.

3. After the product has been approved and reviewed, it can be delivered to the customer.

3. How to notify customers of new products or services

You should follow the process below to make sure that your customers receive proper notifications about new products or services.

  • Create a list with customers that need to be informed. You can do this by checking your customer database, or using Google Analytics to see who visits your website.
  • Create a notification form. This template should contain all relevant information regarding the release of the product or service, as well contact information for your organization.
  • Send the message to your customer list. This can be done via email, postal mail, or social media.
  • Include a form customers can fill out to receive coupons or additional discounts for their next purchase.
  • Follow up on customers who didn't take advantage. This can be done by phone, email or postcard.

ISO 9001

Why is it important to release products and services?

Release of products and services has many benefits. It allows clients and customers to gain access to new features that will improve their experience. Releases can also help address issues identified in older versions of the service or product. Release of new products and services is also important for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in the market.

When deciding whether to launch new products or services, there are many factors to take into consideration. Businesses should first determine if the product or service is needed on the market. Second, the business should determine whether or not the product is ready to be released. Businesses should also consider how releasing a product or service would affect their current customer base.

ISO 9001