GDPR : Article 74 - Tasks of The Chair

by Sneha Naskar

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a watershed moment in the world of data privacy and protection. Nestled within its comprehensive framework is Article 74, a linchpin that often goes unnoticed but plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the regulatory apparatus. In this extensive blog post, we embark on an exhaustive journey into the depths of Article 74 of the GDPR, dissecting the multifaceted responsibilities conferred upon the Chair of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB). We will elucidate why this role is not just important but indispensable in safeguarding individuals' data privacy in our increasingly data-driven world.

The Chair's Multifaceted and Crucial Responsibilities

Article 74: An Elaborate Exploration

Article 74 of the GDPR is an article that may not be frequently cited in mainstream discussions about data protection, but it is a keystone that supports the arch of the European data protection landscape. It revolves around the pivotal role of the Chair of the EDPB. The EDPB, a central entity within the GDPR ecosystem, is entrusted with the monumental task of ensuring uniformity in the application of data protection laws across the European Union. Within this context, the Chair emerges as the linchpin, bearing a multitude of duties and obligations as stipulated in the regulation.

  • Leadership and Representation: At its core, the Chair of the EDPB serves as the embodiment of leadership. They are not just the head of the board but also the public face of the EDPB. Their role extends far beyond mere symbolism; they represent the EDPB in interactions with other EU institutions, national data protection authorities, and the general public. This representation is pivotal in ensuring the effective dissemination of the EDPB's decisions and recommendations, fostering transparency and consistency.
  • Coordinating the EDPB's Work: Article 74 bestows upon the Chair the critical function of orchestrating the EDPB's multifarious operations. This entails steering the board toward optimal efficiency with a primary focus on promoting the coherent application of the GDPR across the EU. Effective coordination acts as a bulwark against fragmentation and the potential for discordant interpretations of data protection principles.
  • Decision-Making: The Chair takes a central role in the decision-making processes of the EDPB. They preside over meetings, adroitly guide deliberations, and contribute significantly to the formation of consensus among board members. This meticulous orchestration ensures that the EDPB can furnish clear, unified, and authoritative guidance on multifarious data protection matters.
  • Mediation: In the complex arena of data protection, it's not uncommon for disputes and disagreements to surface, whether among board members or between national authorities. Here, the Chair, characterized by impartiality and a deep understanding of data protection, may be called upon to mediate. Their role is to bridge divergent perspectives and unearth common ground, thereby nurturing cooperation and concord in the realm of data protection enforcement.
  • Communication: In an age where information is a prized commodity, effective communication stands as an imperative pillar. The Chair bears the responsibility of ensuring that the EDPB's decisions, guidelines, and opinions are communicated with the utmost transparency and comprehensiveness to the public, stakeholders, and national authorities. Such transparency isn't merely an administrative formality; it forms the bedrock for building trust and nurturing a profound understanding of data protection intricacies.
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  • Engagement with Stakeholders: The Chair's role transcends boardrooms and extends to multifaceted interactions with an array of stakeholders. This includes industry representatives, civil society organizations, and individual citizens. This dynamic engagement serves as a crucible for gathering valuable input, remaining apprised of emerging privacy concerns, and ensuring that the EDPB's initiatives remain resonant and responsive to the constantly evolving challenges within the data protection landscape.
  • Promoting Consistency: One of the fundamental aspirations of the GDPR is to foster a consistent approach to data protection across the EU. The Chair takes on the mantle of overseeing the EDPB's endeavors in issuing binding decisions, recommendations, and opinions that harmonize data protection practices. By preventing discrepancies in interpretation or enforcement, the Chair is instrumental in preserving the GDPR's overarching goal of uniformity.
  • Advising EU Institutions: The Chair, alongside the EDPB, extends advisory services to EU institutions concerning data protection matters. This counsel wields the power to shape policies and legislative developments, ensuring that data protection remains an immutable lodestar in EU decision-making processes.
  • Supporting National Authorities: National data protection authorities constitute the vanguard of GDPR enforcement. Here, the Chair becomes a mentor and guide, providing unwavering support and guidance. This support catalyzes cooperative efforts and ensures that national authorities are well-equipped with the requisite tools and insights to enforce data protection laws with precision and efficacy.
  • Data Subject Rights: The GDPR, at its core, champions the cause of individuals by granting them a spectrum of rights vis-à-vis their personal data. The Chair plays a pivotal role in advancing this cause by steering the EDPB's initiatives in addressing issues germane to data subject rights. This includes ensuring that individuals can exercise their rights, such as the right to access, rectify, or erase personal data, with ease and effectiveness.


Article 74 of the GDPR is not just another provision; it stands as a testament to the meticulous forethought that went into crafting the data protection regulation. The Chair's multifaceted role within the EDPB is an embodiment of the GDPR's commitment to safeguarding data privacy rights in our increasingly digitized world. As data continues to surge in prominence and pervasiveness, the Chair's role within the EDPB is poised to ascend in relevance and significance. Their unwavering commitment to upholding the tenets of the GDPR and their astute navigation of the intricate data protection landscape are the linchpins in preserving the rights and liberties of individuals within the European Union. In their hands, the legacy of data protection is nurtured and fortified, poised to endure the challenges and transformations of the digital era, ensuring that individuals' data privacy remains a paramount concern in our data-centric world.

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