The Power Of Product Increment Review In Agile Development

by Nash V


This is closely related to the Product Increment Summary (the clue is in the name, after all) – whereas the Summary is an artifact, the Review is an event, that is, a collaborative meeting or ritual where the team showcases their work, receives feedback, and aligns stakeholders with the evolving product. It's not just a presentation walking through a slide deck though! It's a live performance that brings the product to life, fostering engagement and transparency. 

Product Increment Review Template

What Is a Product Increment Review?

Consider the Product Increment Review as the grand reveal—an interactive session where the team presents the increment of the product built during the sprint. More than a mere demonstration, this is an opportunity to gather feedback, validate assumptions, and ensure that the product aligns with stakeholders' expectations.

When Does Product Increment Review Take Palce?

The Product Increment Review occurs at the end of each sprint. Now that tasks are completed, we want to share with others what we achieved so far. It's a celebratory event, a moment to showcase progress, and a forum for collaborative refinement.

Who Is Responsible For Conducting Product Increment Review Meeting?

The role responsible for facilitating the Product Increment Review meeting is the Product Owner. As a facilitator, it should promote and encourage a constructive dialogue, gathering feedback from participants, and aligning the different stakeholders with the product's evolution. Ideally, by the end of the Review, all stakeholders should feel sufficiently informed and engaged about the progress to date.

Product Increment Review Template

Implementing Product Increment Review

A great Product Increment Review doesn’t just happen on its own. Here’s what you can do to make it a successful event:

• Live Demonstration: Start the review with a live demonstration of the product increment. Allow stakeholders to interact with the features, functionalities, and improvements developed during the sprint. It's a first-hand experience that fosters engagement, so don’t just tell: show.

• Alignment with User Stories: Align the product demonstration with the user stories completed during the sprint. This transparency provides (re-)assurance that the team is delivering tangible value aligned with the project's objectives.

Feedback Gathering: Actively seek feedback from stakeholders, including end-users, on the presented increment. Remember: no one destroys what one helps to build. So, do encourage an open dialogue to uncover insights, preferences, and areas for improvement. 

• Discussion on Adjustments: Based on the feedback received, you can initiate a discussion on potential adjustments or enhancements. This collaborative approach allows the team and stakeholders to align on priorities and make informed decisions for the upcoming sprints. Remember the grooming of the 

Benefits of Product Increment Review

The benefits of product increment review are as follows:

1. Enhanced Transparency and Collaboration: Product increment review promotes transparency and collaboration among team members. It provides an opportunity for stakeholders to gain insights into the progress made in the development of a product.

2. Early Detection of Issues: Another significant advantage of conducting product increment review is the early detection of any issues or problems. By reviewing each increment carefully, the product development team can identify potential bottlenecks, bugs, or glitches early on in the process.

3. Continuous Improvement: Product increment review acts as a catalyst for continuous improvement. By regularly evaluating the product increment, team members can identify areas for enhancement and make necessary adjustments.

4. Reduced Risk: Conducting product increment reviews helps in minimizing risks associated with product development. By identifying and rectifying issues early on, the team can prevent costly mistakes or delays that could potentially hinder the overall success of the product.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, the goal of any product development team is to deliver a product that satisfies customers. Product increment review plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. 

6. Agile Development: Product increment review is a key element of agile development methodology. It enables the team to break down the product development process into smaller, manageable increments.


The Product Increment Review is the moment your stakeholders have been looking forward: they will want to know what the Team has done so far but also what’s in it for them. Open the ‘playground’ as a safe space to explore and interact with the product’s features and invite them to play and share their views. 


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